Warranty Terms


Matt & More guarantees you the best quality, construction and smooth operation of the mattress for 10 years warranty period. An indispensable condition is the indication of the invoice or proof of purchase.


Warranty does not include damages caused by:

  • Distortion of the mattress due to its placement on melamine sheet or frames with big gaps between each wood.
  • Stained or torn surface.
  • Problems caused by ironing on the mattress.
  • Any distortion due to incorrect use of the mattress.
  • Distortion by some possible folding during transportation.
  • Mattress return due to stains caused by body fluids or for hygienic reasons.
  • Mattress change due to incorrect purchase choices.


Due to the origin of the materials (cotton, foam, latex), the layer may show a deviation of 1-2 cm.